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Completion to House in Moira, Co Down - Alteration and Rejuvenation

Rear Entrance to Property

The client required an open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area overlooking the rear garden. This entailed removing the exiting block walls between the dining room, kitchen and utility room in the existing house. Alterations to the layout closed up the lounge entrance into the old dining room making this a self contained room with an entrance off the hall. New openings into the open plan space also came off the hall bringing arrival into the middle of the room. This same axis leads through to the new glazed aluminium framed sliding doors which brings you onto the new level paved garden terrace. The property has been given character with the clients sourcing reclaimed timber flooring for the open plan space and a herring bone parquet pattern for the hall and lounge.

Kitchen and Dining room

The ground floor bathroom has also been given a new lease of life by being totally rejuvenated with white tile, a low level slate shower tray and frameless glass surround.

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