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Collaborative working in BIM

BIM Model of a House

The definition of collaborative working in BIM in principle is: Working together in a seamless team to common objectives that deliver benefit to all through mutually beneficial (i.e. including commercial) alignment, in plain English - Working together so that we each benefit more than we would individually. We all make more money, we all reduce waste, and we all create a better environment.

PAS 1192-12 makes collaborative working mandatory for every BIM enabled project. Collaborative working requirements and the definition of the information exchange shall be undertaken in parallel with other procurement and project definition activities. Information exchange and collaborative working requirements are described in the EIRs, which form part of the employer’s requirements and will in turn be incorporated by a supplier into their Project Execution Plan.

Six critical success factors for collaborative working in BIM

  • Early involvement of all participants in the project.

  • Selection by value (Best value not cheapest).

  • Aligned Commercial arrangements (everyone wins).

  • Common processes and tools (to eliminate waste-mostly time).

  • Measurement (measurement through KPI'S).

  • Long Term relationships - (developing trust) .

Summing up the above - Good project management as well as pretty pictures. A win win methodology for the procurement of a building from concept to completion and even to grave.

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