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What is an Architectural Feasibility Study?

· Are you considering how to maximize the potential of your site?.

· Do you own a potentially valuable asset and unclear as to its use?.

· Have you considered commissioning a feasibility study just to see what you do have?

An architectural feasibility study investigates and evaluates the potential of a site or building. It sets out clearly a brief history of the site, its overall condition and significance. It explores the planning constraints and opportunities as well as evaluating the planning of statutory services.

We have undertaken many such studies from single dwellings to multi-level office blocks and church buildings. We aim to make each study successful in its own right so that clear informed decisions can gathered from its conclusions. We are never afraid to suggest alternative solutions such as the use of modular container buildings for a difficult site in Belfast. A solution that will allow for organic community based development to occur for little capital investment.

We feel the success of these studies is due to

• Years of collective experience

• A thorough, considered, logical and focused approach

• Care taken to understand the site, its history and context

• Imagination, inspiration and creative ability

• Use of clear and unambiguous presentation

Our feasibility studies are always tailored to meet a Client’s needs. They can range from a relatively simple assessment to a complex review of different sites and potential uses. In all cases the project is appraised, options are identified in discussion with the Client and outline schemes can be developed, costed and reviewed with the Client.

We recognise that the study is a means to an end and we aim to produce a document that is a useful tool to our Clients- one to guide them through the next stages of their project.

Contact us at your convenience to discuss how we may assist you, and to arrange a free consultation.

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