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Mount Merrion Repairs Almost completed

Restoration work to the listed Mount Merrion church is nearing an end with the final repairs to the Bell Tower completed this week, which is being overseen by Tate Stevenson Architects in this unique church conservation project.

Additional steel supports were required to the structure supporting the decorative Cross Finial located at the top of the bell tower.

A resin based water proofing system was installed within the open bell chamber to prevent water permeating down through the bell tower structure.

Other works included specialist timber repairs to the timber portal frames

Sections of defective timber have been cut out and will be replaced by new laminated timber to match the existing, this included the timber at the base of the portal frame.

In order to support the roof structure, holes were drilled through the portal frame and steel channels fitted either side and then propped. In order to avoid spread of the timber frames, tension wires were fitted to the steel supports and tensioned before removing the defective sections of timber.

Tate Stevenson are a registered architects and conservation architects. If you are thinking of completing a similar project, please give us a call on 028 9261 1222

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