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Completion: the Church on the Hill

On the 20th January 2019 a dedication ceremony was held to declare the extension open for the worship of God and to serve the people of the community of Maghaberry. An additional 66 m² of gross floor space was gained by the Church, however due to the removal of some internal walls and providing a homogenous floor covering throughout the new Entrance Lobby, the space appears to be even larger in reality.

Close up of  entrance doors

34 m² of the extension went into providing a new store to the rear of the Church. A new Multifunction Room extension protrudes from the existing Church at a slightly smaller scale to add this new room to the front. The roof pitch and finish of this portion of the extension matches the existing building.

Tate Stevenson Staff at the dedication service

The Entrance Lobby was extended by using a flat roof with the up stands and protruding eaves finished in zinc sheeting. The perimeter walls were glazed providing natural light to penetrate well into the heart of the building. Where this light fell off, two additional roof lights were formed to allow the furthest walls to be naturally lit.

The new extension and window manifestations

Currently Tate Stevenson Architects are also involved on the following ecclesiastical buildings: - The proposed extension to Moira Pentecostal Church, the refurbishment of St. Mary's Church of Ireland, Ballybeen, Dondonald, an extension to Shankhill Parish Parochial Hall, Lurgan and the refurbishment and remodelling of the interior of the Methodist Church, Lurgan.

Congregation members using the new space

The latest completions being: the Church on The Hill, Maghaberry - Extension and refurbishment, Greenisland Baptist Church in Carrickfergus, Co Antrim - New replacement Church, Mount Merrion Parish Church, Belfast - Restoration of glulam columns and refurbishment, Thomas Street Methodist Church, Portadown - restoration of stone, plasterwork and roof and Hillsborough Quaker Meeting House - Extension and refurbishment.

If you are thinking of completing a new facility or need assistance with transforming your existing building, please give us a call on 028 9261 1222. We have expertise in helping you achieve funding and presenting your case for funding.

Tate Stevenson Architects also specialise in housing, commercial, industrial and sports buildings.

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