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Restoration of Glulam Beams Underway at Mount Merrion Church

As part of the overall conservation strategy for Mount Merrion Church, work has commenced on the structural repairs to the existing timber laminated portal frames supporting the roof structure, this work is being overseen by Tate Stevenson Architects.

Sections of defective timber have been cut out and will be replaced by new laminated timber to match the existing, this included the timber at the base of the portal frame.

In order to support the roof structure, holes were drilled through the portal frame and steel channels fitted either side and then propped. In order to avoid spread of the timber frames, tension wires were fitted to the steel supports and tensioned before removing the defective sections of timber.

Repairs have also commenced on areas where the timber portal frames have delaminated. This involved stripping back the timber to the natural finish and removing all debris from the fissures within the timber. Special resin was then carefully placed in to the fissures and smoothed before the resin had time to set, the resin has a colour tint that matches the natural tone of the timber portal frame, to minimize the visual impact of the repairs.

The roof edges have been stripped back to expose the top edge of the portal frames. Stainless steel helical fixing bolts were fitted throughout the timber frames and tensioned to prevent further delamination of the timber.

Once the repair work is completed the timber will be treated with a preservative wood oil to protect the timber from the elements.

Tate Stevenson are a registered architects and conservation architects. If you are thinking of completing a similar project, please give us a call on 028 9261 1222

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