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Works Completed at £1.3m Greenisland Baptists Church

Tate Stevenson Architects have just handed over the £1.3m church to Green Island Baptists and wished them well for their future prosperity and growth in their prestigious new building.

The first official prayer meeting takes place this evening which will be held in the main sanctuary located on the first floor overlooking the green. The sanctuary’s strategic location has been designed to be seen from the surrounding vicinity, be bright, airy and have good acoustics all of which it does following first rehearsals. Also by raising this primary space up to the first floor it frees up the ground floor for community based activities which is an important function in seeking new members.

The ground floor facilities include a multipurpose minor hall, meeting spaces, a generous foyer and the ‘Mango Tree’ Café which will become the weekly social hub for the organisation.

If you require a similar environmental scheme, require a new facility or need assistance with your Invest Northern Ireland application, please give us a call on +44(0) 28 9261 1222.

Tate Stevenson Architects also specialise in housing, commercial, industrial and ecclesiastical buildings.

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