The Zip Project

The project was a joint venture between Marks & Spencer and Desmonds to provide an international centre for the design development, sourcing
and procurement of M&S childrens wear, and involved the refurbishment and complete remodelling of an existing factory (4,000m) within a 4 month
period from approval of the scheme design.

The location of the new venture was an existing Desmonds factory in Claudy, Co Londonderry, and the premises comprised a typical industrial unit in need of modernisation. The brief provided by our Clients for the project included a requirement to integrate office based accommodation with support services and sample production space, and to create a lively, stimulating, and informal but functional working environment. 

The brief provided for the project included a requirement to integrate office based accommodation with support services and sample production space, and to create a lively, stimulating and informal but functional working environment. 

Early design decisions rationalised circulation by creating a linear space between the original factory and ancillary areas including the canteen, toilet and conference rooms. This subsequently developed into the main feature of the project, and is the Zip that brings all areas together. The original main factory floor is designed to accommodate design development, commercial based activities and administrative
support, as well as sample garment production.

The Zip which is pivotal to the success of the development starts at the main entrance foyer and acts as a reference point within the building, for all activities including offices, production, canteen and conference rooms.

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