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High St Methodist, Lurgan

Tate Stevenson Architects Ltd (TSA) were appointed to lead a design team for the redevelopment of a number of derelict buildings within the heart of Lurgan, to create a mixed development, that would enhance and stimulate both the economic life and visual appearance of the town centre. The development consisted of Ground Retail (floor shop) and Café, a basement lettable retail unit, with First Floor Community Resource Centre, and Offices.

Whilst the building was under one overall management, each unit had to be operated separately, and at different time scales. 

The client was keen to develop a highly sustainable building that would minimise its impact on the environment, and whilst the building was not to be assessed under the BREEAM standards, due to budgeting considerations however the project was designed and developed under the ten main categories of BREEAM i.e. management, health and wellbeing, energy, transport, water, pollution, land use, ecology, material and innovation.

To minimise energy consumption, insulation levels were to exceed minimum Building Control standards and a variety of highly efficient heating systems were designed to suit the need of specific areas e.g. air-conditioning to retail areas, and high efficiency gas boilers to HWLP heating systems to the office and Resource Areas, thus allowing heating systems to operate independently for greater flexibility. The building was detailed to ensure that air leakage was reduced to a minimum.

Wherever possible natural ventilation was provided although in order to achieve optimum air quality, mechanical fresh air ventilation was provided as required.

Low energy light fittings were specified throughout and fitted with movement detectors within the office areas to ensure lights were not operating when not in use.

The various areas of the building were also metered with energy and water meters to monitor consumption levels and reviewed regularly to ensure optimum usage levels were maintained. 

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