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Greenisland Baptist Church

Designed by Tate Stevenson Architects the 2.5storey, 300 seated, church is designed to be a welcoming addition to the local community replacing the grey monolithic single storey utility building previously adapted by Greenisland Baptist in the 1990’s. The purpose built accommodation also contains a large multi-purpose room, break-out rooms, offices and a bright airy ground floor café overlooking the green.


Tate Stevenson designed the building’s form to be pavilion like and add a new focal point to the open space at Glassillian Grove and selected an external fabric of brick and render that pays respect to its residential setting.


The main sanctuary located on the first floor overlooking the green. The sanctuary’s strategic location has been designed to be seen from the surrounding vicinity, be bright, airy and have good acoustics. Also by raising this primary space up to the first floor it allows the ground floor of the building is designed as a community hub, hosting a multipurpose hall for use in the churches many youth activities, meeting spaces, a generous foyer and the ‘Mango Tree’ Café which will become the social hub for the organisation and the wider community.


Consideration to the churches youth activities was given special attention throughout development, with specific areas such as an office and meeting room developed to provide semi private space for a youth community worker close to the shared communal entrance.

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