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Creche for Foyle Womens Aid

Tate Stevenson Architects Ltd were appointed as a single economic entity by Foyle Women’s Aid in January 2014 to design a new build Day Care facility and Youth Wing to be located in a green field site adjacent to the family refuge, completed in 2013. During the design process we consulted extensively with the client and used their experience in delivering other similar buildings to inform the briefing process. We also initially looked at a modular prefabricated building system to deliver the accommodation which was subsequently ruled out due to higher costs than traditional build.

The design had to cater for 20 no. children in 3 age groups up to 12 and be fully compliant with H.S.C.B. Day Care and Building Control crèche related standards for registration post completion. The brief for the youth wing had to be open plan, vibrant and containing a ‘pod’ feature so that children could have a space for quiet time.

The complete day care facility has 3 no. main rooms with the two larger sub divided by a movable partition wall so that they can be incorporated into one to provide flexibility. The 0-2 year range room has a separate sleeping room observed by viewing screens, a preparation area, toilet, with nappy changing and soft play area. The older year groups have sleeping areas, preparation spaces, toilets and service hatch to the main food preparation kitchen.

The day-care rooms all have access to a protected south facing outdoor play area which can be supervised from the daycare rooms and access controlled. 

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