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 Old School, Bleary

Tate Stevenson Architects Ltd (TSA) were appointed to lead a design team for the redevelopment of an disused primary school in Bleary. The brief was to create a multi-use low energy development that would enhance and stimulate both the local creative business sector and profile of the rural community.

The project part funded by DRD via S.O.A.R was conceived by the council to be exemplar in design and function for the local business and creative community sector facilitating creative enterprises to conduct their business in a local environment as well as providing ancillary and day care facilities for their the staff.
The accommodation is centred in a bright welcoming double-height foyer with exhibition space and seating that provides a welcoming approach to the building and its services. Highly efficient glazing highlight the building in use during the day and at night, highlighting the entrance whilst giving views out towards the street.
Alterations and refurbishment of the existing classrooms included new floors, windows/doors, ceilings, new acoustic partitions and internal finishes all thermally upgraded to higher than current standards to provide office space for new business enterprises and ICT training and seminar spaces for rural dwellers.

Extension to existing building included a new timber truss pitched roof extension, highly insulated cavity walls, pvc windows and doors, internal partitions, doors and finishes to accommodate the new 20 child crèche facility to HSC standards and a shared catering facility.

The use of natural daylight to minimise the use of artificial lighting throughout was seen as paramount, and create a pleasant and bright environment for the building user. Low energy light fittings were specified and fitted with movement detectors within the office areas to ensure lights were not operating when not in use.

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